Mike and Caroline welcome anyone who wishes to stay in this idyllically peaceful and rural location. Whether you wish to walk, cycle, fish, birdwatch, try a wild swim or just relax and enjoy the countryside and wildlife on the Brecon Beacons, there is something for everyone here.
We have both been born and brought up in this part of the world and have been outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers since our youth. Over the years we have walked and cycled over large parts of Wales, Scotland and England, and also in Ireland, France, Spain, Norway and Sweden. We can help you plan a route and will willingly give you local guidance and advice.
Our Self Guided walks are free to guests. We have printed guides and maps, and can tailor walks to suit your energy, ability, time and weather.

Bed and Breakfast

The B&B guest rooms are in renovated 18th Century stone barns in a secluded spot with fabulous open views of surrounding unspoilt countryside in every direction. This is a very tranquil and peaceful part of the world and we can provide guests with a true escape from the rigours of everyday life.

Cornstore; a beautiful ensuite first floor room that can be a twin or double.
Cornstore – the most popular room because of the views and it’s own stairs to the garden

Our three rooms are all individual, spacious, en-suite and furnished with antiques. Guests have their own access, allowing you to come & go as you like. We pride ourselves on our   delicious breakfast using our own produce ( sausages, jams & preserves) and fresh local ingredients.

Beili Helyg (pronounced bee-lee helig) is an 18th century welsh longhouse at the head of beautiful Cwm Cadlan valley, a National Nature Reserve and SSSI in the central section of Brecon Beacons National Park.

There are breathtaking views in every direction from the house and on clear nights of the Milky Way as the light pollution is minimal.We are in the heart of the countryside on the very edge of the moor, but surprisingly accessible, and only 30 minutes from the M4.

We have 16 acres of woodland, meadow and gardens to explore.

Garden & Woodland

A walk through our woodland
Walk through the woodland

We have 16 acres of garden and grounds with ponds, native woodland and upland meadow which is available for guests to explore and enjoy. There is a woodland walk which leads you around part of the grounds. We have a new plantation of 4000 trees. The woodland walk will eventually extend into this area, but in the meantime we are always willing to show interested visitors around it personally.

about-us willow arbour
Willow Arbour

Animals at Beili Helyg

We have a small number of animals here which you’re welcome to come and say hello to.


Currently we have 10 Balwen Sheep –  they are black with a white blaze. This makes them hard to see in the dark.  They are very nosy and will often follow us across the field hoping we are thinking of giving them something interesting to eat. 

Three Balwen sheep just after shearing June 2015
Balwen sheep June 2015

New piglets exploring their new home. August 2015

Piglets 2015

We also have 2 pigs each year, last year they were a cross breed of British Lop and Pietrain. This year we had Tamworths who are very well behaved. These are for meat. we buy in weaners each year and keep them until the late autumn.

We have a flock of Brecon Buff geese. They are particularly beautiful and love a short fly around the field when they are let out in the morning which is just lovely to watch.

Geese enjoying spring pasture
Geese in spring pasture

The geese pair up with their mates from about January. This is often quite noisy as the ganders squabble over the geese. We usually have lots of goslings from about April each year. The geese are very hardy and complain bitterly if we try to put them in sheds in very bad weather.  They moult in the summer, and their plumage is refreshed by early autumn which is when they look at their best.

Geese in the snow in the Brecon Beacons
Geese in the snow

Last but never least, the cat who is never far away. She lives in the porch and likes a nice scratch between the ears.  She turned up as a stray in very snowy weather in 2008 and has been entertaining us ever since.

Spud the cat stretching in the sunshine
Spud the cat enjoying the sunshine