Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy

woodland with long grasses and meadowsweet beneath
Woodland walk in high summer

Environmental Policy & Green Tourism: At Beili Helyg we are committed to working in a sustainable way.

We endeavour to recycle & reuse as much as possible. Wherever possible, we aim to:

  • buy products with the least packaging
  • buy recycled products (paper)
  • use local butchers (Cig Mynydd Cymru) and suppliers

We have our own sheep  and grow soft fruit and vegetables. We grow pigs through the summer for meat, and make our own sausages. Our  home & garden produce is on our menus daily. We don’t have geese and hens just now, but when we do the eggs are a fantastic addition to the menu.

We compost most kitchen waste except what the the cat will gladly eat. We don’t use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Spud the cat stretching in the sunshine
Spud the cat enjoying the sunshine

Our home and the barn conversion was insulated to a higher standard than that required by the building regulations. The guest accommodation is heated by LPG gas & logs. Although we get many compliments on the “power showers”, the bathrooms are actually fitted with gravity showers. These feel like a power shower, but use a lot less water.

The radiators all have thermostat controls. This means that you will be warm, whatever the weather. The rooms are warm and cosy and the heat is really easily adjustable. In our own accommodation we use ash logs from the woodland as heating fuel, occasionally supplemented with coal. We are aiming towards no coal.Since living at Beili Helyg we have coppiced the woods sustainably for fuel, and planted around 4,000 trees – species like willow, hazel, poplar, silver birch, downy birch, oak and ash together with hedgerow species like crab apple, rowan, elderberry, hawthorn, blackthorn, holly etc.

Blackrock chickens

Our ducks in their field

To help our local wildlife we have put up four owl boxes, two bat boxes, eight bird boxes and a nesting platform. We also have two hedgehog boxes in the wood. In the grounds of Beili Helyg you will find a woodland walk, two still-water wildlife ponds and three running water ponds, all of which are flush with wild fish and tadpoles in the spring. We are keeping a nature diary, which guests are welcome to add to.

There are energy efficient light bulbs everywhere and all replaced electrical items are A or A+ grade.

We use water wisely  The garden water comes from the stream and water butts. We have a well which fills a water tank for the pigs and sheep, through a gravity-fed system. The tank is an old header tank from the house, and the pipe is made from some left over pieces from the house renovation.Gravity fed water tank for the pig field
Waste water flows through our rush, reed and willow beds, and judging by the wild life (caddis fly, stone loach, bullheads, etc) in the streams surrounding us, the system is working well.

We have public transport and bike hire information for guests and can provide you with several walks from the door so you can give your car a rest.

See the links on the attractions page for our main butcher; Cig Mynydd Cymru (Welsh Mountain Meat), the wildlife trust, the local cycle hire, the public transport information etc.